Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking possession

Tomorrow morning we take possession of our new house. I don't think I have to tell you that I'm excited, but I am. And I just told you.

As a testament to my impatience, I've already packed up my car tonight to start taking things over there when I get the keys in the morning. The first order of business will be to change all of the locks and start painting. I'm going to paint every room except the living room, because we plan to make that our first renovation project down the line, and right now it has tan-painted wood paneling. I'll be pulling that out and replacing it with drywall, but not for at least a year, or whenever we can afford it.

I'm probably most excited to bring my two daughters there because there's a little secret in the house that I've been teasing them about (but not revealing!).

Between two of the bedrooms (the ones that they'll be taking), there's a shared closet that is offset enough to where you can't tell it's shared until you walk in and look to the side. My youngest daughter is FASCINATED with secret passages, and this will make her year.

Also, they're going to go with me to pick their bedroom colors (OKd by me, of course), and I'm excited about that. We'll be paintin' fools all weekend, finishing up and letting the place air out enough before Sarah can go in there (since she's pregnant).

Speaking of Sarah, she's away in Michigan right now visiting family for her baby shower, so I'm going to go bask in the entire bed, all to myself. Night!

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  1. Solid! Good deal my man. Nothing beats a new home... or a cave as I like to call it :) I do not have children myself but always get a kick out of releasing my two cats in a new home for the first time. The initial hesitation as they sneak out of the carrier that eventually gives way to exploration... good times.

    All homes should have secret passages btw... they just add to the charm and character. In a perfect world all homes would be modeled after the house from the movie Clue... but more energy efficient of course.