Friday, November 11, 2011

Embrace the poop, and other things I've learned out here in the first month

We've now been in this house technically (sleeping in our bed) for a month now, and I've learned quite a bit already. I don't expect I'll ever stop learning, but these first few years will be learning from my mistakes. Sometimes that's funny and makes for a good story, but most of the time it's embarrassing or sad.

So, what are a few of the things that I've learned so far?
  • Dogs are not natural protectors. They're natural predators.
  • There are many, many stray dogs in the country, and you'll probably never find their owners. So don't feed them, because they'll become your problem quickly.
  • Buying baby chicks in October is not the best idea, because you have to pay to keep them warm with a heat lamp and space heater for a few months. That gets expensive.
  • Donkeys need to be halter-trained before they can be fixed.
  • Un-fixed donkeys are not much good for anything but studding-out.
  • 80% is full capacity on a house's propane tank.
  • Teenagers in the middle of nowhere still drive down the street blasting rap music in brightly-colored, tricked-out small cars. There's no escaping that.
  • Country roads are more dangerous to dogs than suburban streets.
  • Family-owned hardware stores and feed stores are way more fun than Home Depot or Tractor Supply.
  • Same goes for restaurants.
  • Establishing a water plan for the animals is very important. You can't realistically keep filling water bottles, jugs, dishes, and tubs several times every day, unless you're just really bored. Automated waterers are a God-send.
  • Embrace the poop. You will get it on you at some point. That's why there's soap and water.
  • You'll be called "honey" and "sweetie" a lot more.
  • It's so gorgeous out here and I feel more at home than ever.


  1. I love it Shawn, it brings back memories from my childhood.

  2. Man the part about tricked out small cars is SO true! Up at my place in PA the local spot is just the gas station and they all park their cars their and just hang out. There is no local police department to chase them off but they for the most part behave themselves. They do tear up the rural roads though in those tricked out Honda Civics.

    The same town that has that little gas station still has the family owned hardware store that also doubles as the local post office.. that is how we roll in the country!