Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby bunnies!

One of the female rabbits gave birth to a litter of babies last night. We suspected she was the pregnant one, as the other didn't seem to mate as easily, but we'll try them both again soon. She was also pulling fur out last night, so I provided a little nest box for her (and the other female, just in case).

Since this is my first successful rabbit mating, I'm excited to see these babies grow. I didn't want to get too close this morning and scare the mother, so this picture isn't a close-up. She could hurt the babies if she gets frightened.

You'll notice in the pics, it just looks like pink blobs in a bunch of fur. That fur is from the mother to make the nest, and the babies are still too young to be much more than pink blobs at this point. I can't even really count them yet, but I should be able to in the next few days.

More pictures soon!

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