Monday, July 18, 2011

Sad news

Over the weekend, we had some type of predator attack. I'm not sure if it was a cat or a raccoon, but I've seen plenty of both running around this old suburban neighborhood. And it's ironic that in just the last post I was going on about how lucky we are to not have predators around here!

Anyway, four of the six baby bunnies were killed by something. Whatever it was reached through the bottom of the cage and killed them. Of the two remaining bunnies, one is missing a foot, but he/she seems to be ok otherwise. This happened two days ago, and it's still active, so I think it will be OK.

I put a plastic pan under the cage for now, to hopefully protect them a bit more, but I guess this is just a lesson learned with my first litter. It seems no matter where you live, there are dangers from predators.

Hopefully soon the puppy will be old enough to stay outside all night and help protect them as well.

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