Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it scary for me to get this excited over a meat cleaver?

This past week, my family and I made the 10-hour trek up to Indiana to visit our families. There was snow, it was cold, and there were no mountains, but I always enjoy visiting relatives.

When they were down here last time, we went to a flea market and saw some old meat cleavers for $50-$60. I showed interest, but there's no way I have that much money for a meat cleaver. I love the fact that they're old and built well (those new stainless steel knives and hatchets can't be sharpened), so my dad told me next time I'm up in Indiana, he'll give me one of his old ones (he's a meat-cutter).

Lo and behold, this old meat cleaver he gave me is way cooler than I expected. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's about a foot long, 8-10 lbs, and probably 40 years old. It was made by Chicago Cutlery and he says it was one of his first ones he used since he started meat-cutting out of high school, so to me it's like a family heirloom. Some people get jewelry, I get a meat cleaver. But that's a good thing! I'd much rather have this than a ring or something.


  1. Nonsense. Nothing beats quality kitchenware. My best xmas gift this past season... a 16qt cast iron pot for making gumbo. Amazing!

  2. Yes! I love cast iron pots, too.