Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mending fences

This weekend we've started planning something new for our backyard. With the tornadoes that came through a few weeks ago, the fallen trees have destroyed a good bit of my old, rusty chainlink fence.

I would guestimate that the fence has been there for decades, as it has a few trees growing into the links here and there. Or did the links grow into the trees? Who knows, but the fact is, it will not be fun trying to tear that entire fence line down.

Since we're looking to rent out this house when we buy our dream farm, I wasn't too worried about replacing the fence before. The Uprising of the Ents made the decision for me, though. I worried about the cost of replacing the entire fence, but I do believe I've brainstormed an idea that will both save us money and allow us to get a dog before we move.

Am I losing you here? Ok, let me explain the dog thing. I've tried to have a dog before. The chainlink fence is broken and bent in a few areas, so the previously stray humane-society dogs always hopped over and took off. I gave up for a few years, but that urge for a dog still nags (both from me and the kids), and we had planned to get one at the new house anyway.

So my bright-idea-that-no-one's-ever-thought-of-before-me is to only fence in about a third of the back yard. It's a 55' x 35' section, so it's still large enough for the dog to run around, but replacing the entire fence line wouldn't be necessary. Plus, when we rent out the house, we can allow dogs (which is huge for renters), and their dogs wouldn't tear up the ENTIRE back yard. In theory.

As I tear down the old fence this week and price new fencing, I move on to finishing the rest of our rabbit cages -- six in all. So now we are fully equipped for two pairs of male and female breeders , plus two extra cages for the litters of babies as they grow to maturity.

If all goes according to plan, we should be seeing our first babies around the 4th of July.

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