Monday, May 30, 2011

Nothing is sweeter than free

Now that we'll be in this house for a few more months, Sarah and I decided to start doing some of the work to the yard and outside area.

So today we set out extra early to start cutting down a section of old chainlink fence that was overrun with hedges. This section was right by the entryway to the back door (which is our main door anyway), and we wanted to make sure it left a positive impression on anyone who visited.

So we cut down the fence and the intertwined hedges, dug up the stumps and cleared off the top of a retaining wall that probably hasn't seen the light of day in decades. In fact, we had a nice little surprise on the top of the wall. Etched into the cement was "Sept 1946", which we assume is when that wall was built. I know the house itself was built in 1940, but we both get so excited to see historical landmarks like that. I was putting it into perspective by being a bit silly. "Andy Griffith was 20 years old when this wall was put in!" "World War II has just ended!" "Our parents weren't even thought of yet!"

But my favorite part of the day was when we went over to get a pickup-truck-load of free hardwood mulch. With the recent storms, the city has been mulching downed trees and dumping the piles in a public area not too far from our house. So we drove over there, shoveled the truck full and dumped it all near our newly cleared retaining wall and walkway.

I'll have to take a picture when we're finished laying the patio stone and planting hostas and bushes in the area. We'll also build a cinder-block retaining wall to replace the cement one that broke when we pulled out the chainlink fence. It should all make more sense when you see the pictures!

Other than that, today is the day we mated our bunnies for the first time. They'll be six months old on Wednesday, and it's about time for them to start earning their keep around here. Right?

I could literally write another entire blog post on how crudely humorous that breeding experience was for Sarah and I, but I'll save that for another day. Let's just say... the male was a bit too overeager.

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