Friday, October 21, 2011

Country dogs

Geist loves mud holes

So we've had this white German Shepherd named Geist since she was a puppy, 7 months ago, right? She's a good dog, albeit frisky. She's good with people, she loves the family, but she is a holy terror to other dogs. We would take her to the dog park when we lived in the 'burbs, and she would want to play too rough until most of them left. Sure it was nice being the only ones there, but the whole purpose of going was to socialize her.

When we got this new house, we figured it'd be good to get a second dog to a) keep Geist entertained and b) put her in her place and show her that she can't be picking on every single dog she sees.

So last Saturday, we headed to the Humane Society (after a failed visit to a local no-kill shelter) and found a wonderful dog that we named Shelby. She's a Border Collie/Black Lab mix, about 3 years old, and just as sweet as can be. We got her to stay outside, but she's such a kind-hearted, good-natured dog, I decided to keep her inside most of the time.

She loves it! She'll sleep at the foot of our bed at night without making a sound. She's great with the kids, wants nothing to do with the baby chicks or the cats (unlike Geist, who takes so much pleasure in getting scratched on the nose by those cats...), and she even knows a few tricks.

So that makes two dogs, right? Well, now we have a third that's been sticking around the house since the weekend, too. He's a Boxer that was pretty much skin and bones (and muscle). I can't stand to see an animal in that condition, so I fed him and he absolutely loves me. At first, he would run when I'd open the door, but now he'll creep up to me and lick my hand wildly. I imagine he wasn't treated so well at his previous home.

Now, I'm not claiming this Boxer as ours just yet*, because I still don't know him, but he doesn't seem too interested in leaving any time soon. He sleeps under the lean-to, near my Fairlane at night and plays with Geist during the day. By "plays," I mean Geist bites him on his neck over and over again while he runs away. This goes on for about 20 minutes until he finally pins her down, barks loudly in her face, lets her up and she just does it again. Rinse, repeat.

No, it's actually kinda funny. He's so tolerant of her to a point, but then even when he tells her to back off, she completely ignores him. It's like they're married.

* But if I did, I'd name him Tyson. (get it, Boxer... Tyson)

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