Monday, October 31, 2011

What to do with the donkeys?

I shoveled four wheelbarrow-loads of that stuff this evening. I should definitely have nice compost for spring planting, that's for sure!

So today, the local vet came over to castrate our donkeys. Turns out, it couldn't be done because I hadn't halter trained them yet. It really makes sense, but I just had no idea. See, the donkeys need to be trained to stay in a halter so the vet can do his thang. Also, so the donkeys won't just run around in the pasture while they heal.

So the kind vet let me know what I need to do to halter train them, and that's what I think I'll do. I could just leave them as they are, but I just can't put them with any other animals, or they'll kill the animals (the vet told me.)

They sure do make a lot of manure, though. And coupled with the fact that they just eat grass in the pasture, I might just keep them for a while. Maybe at least until we get goats.

Also, someone just drove up to the house for trick-or-treating. I never expected to see that! Happy Halloween everyone!

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