Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter is coming

Ahh, Game of Thrones references... I miss Game of Thrones. Anyway! It's been a fun week. My parents visited last weekend, so I got to show them around the new homestead. I'm still finalizing plans for what I'm going to do with certain parts of the yard/house, but it's coming together nicely (in theory, because I have no money for improvements yet!)
I took Geist in this morning to get spayed. The Boxer (who still hasn't left, so I'm claiming him for my own and naming him Tyson) has been trying to give her the ole doggystyle shuffle, so I figured I shouldn't procrastinate on that spay anymore.

Also, I'm not sure what it is, but we've also acquired ANOTHER stray. I guess they heard there's this gullible city boy living here who will give them food, so they're coming from miles around. This one's a spotted mutt, and she's pretty nice so far. She and Tyson seem to have hooked up (he's such a stud) and they spend most of their days and nights laying around in the old horse lean-to, basking in the hay.

One semi-tragic thing that happened this week was the loss of three Guineas. I found three piles of feathers, but no carcasses. At first, I thought it was one of the dogs, but one of the piles of feathers were on a side of the fence where the dogs can't get, so I'm not sure what did it. Hopefully, with so many dogs mooching off of me, they'll learn to scare away the predator. But I'll need to keep my eyes open.

Other than that, it's been a nice week. The weather is getting colder (which isn't nice at all) and I should be getting the donkeys fixed on Monday. Sarah and I also need to head "in to town" (45 mins away) to get our driver's licenses and car plates. That should be fun, since we'll have to take a day off work for it.

But before I'm off, I leave you with an updated picture of the baby chicks. They're getting too big for their box, but still not big enough to go outside yet. And that one has his/her eye on me. Enjoy!


  1. When owning animals in the country you have to always overestimate the number you need just to hedge against those damn roaming predators. I have a friend that raises cattle and just this past season lost a good portion of them due to attacks and other crazy situations. Sucks.

    45 minutes from town is a pretty good drive. That is about how far of a drive it is to the nearest Walmart or fast food joint where my place is in PA.. it is heaven. Of course I have the perfect little small town about 20 minutes away that has most everything the Walmart carries just in various little shops, so no need to ever go to the Walmart really.

    I am curious... are you totally 'work from home' with the site? That is my biggest obstacle with moving of course. Jobs are hard enough to come by in a big city, let alone the middle of WV.

  2. Yep, I'm completely work-from-home. It's a wonderful thing in situations like taking care of a farm and animals, but it's not so great when I'm "on call" literally 24 hours a day when problems arise with the site. I can't really complain though :)